iGIVAFCK Lightweight Hoodie. Maroon. Unisex

Maroon (ma-ROON) is a dark brownish red or dark reddish purple colour that takes it's name from the french word marron, or chestnut. It's the perfect fall/winter colour. It's a standout version of an earth tone. Get comfortable this winter... but continue to stand out!

Hoodies are one of the most powerful and under-appreciated articles of clothing. Cold? Put on a hoodie. Raining? Put on a hoodie. No bra? Put on a hoodie. Nothing to wear? Hoodie. Cripplingly low self esteem? You already know. So versatile! So multifaceted! 

This hoodie comes with maroon and white drawstrings so you can choose which colour you want to keep. It's a lightweight, slim fitting hoodie, so if you're uncertain of size, we recommend sizing up.

Ethically crafted from a super soft blend of 65% polyester / 35% cotton
Machine wash cold and tumble dry low or hang to dry
Unisex sizing

By purchasing this hoodie, 10 meals are being provided to Canadians in need.