Tenfed is a clothing company based in Toronto that offers unique, yet meaningful, everyday apparel. Tenfed launched in August 2015 with a mission to provide as many meals as possible to people in need. For every Tenfed item that is sold, TEN meals are provided to people suffering from food insecurity in Canada and around the globe.

Tenfed is more than just a clothing brand - it’s about having meaning and purpose behind what you choose to wear. It’s about having style while changing the world at the same time. When you wear Tenfed, not only will you look great and feel comfortable, but you’re also making a statement that you’re part of the solution. It's a purchase that feels good.

So far to date, we've been able to help provide over 450,000 meals to people in need around the world, including locally here in Canada.


Tenfed was founded in August 2015 by long time friends, Mike Wallis and Kory McLaughlin. Both left their careers behind to build a company with a greater purpose that they could be proud of.

Mike worked in the corporate world and Kory ran his own landscaping company before getting into the Social Enterprise sector. Both were tired of working so many hours at something that they had little to no passion for. They both felt like there was something bigger to all of this. It lead them to travel to Chicago to attend a life changing Tony Robbins event. Being at this event solidified their idea of wanting to do something greater for the world, and something that they had a passion for. They left that seminar with an idea, and a bigger drive to make it happen!

Mike and Kory launched Tenfed on August 10th, 2015. It was one of the most fulfilling days of both their lives. And it was just the beginning…



Our mission is to help provide as many meals as possible to people in need, while continuously raising awareness to poverty around the world by offering unique, yet meaningful, everyday apparel and accessories, where 10 nutritious meals are provided for every item sold.

Tenfed is about more than just clothing - it’s about inspiring people to go out and make the world a better place while becoming the best version of themselves. It’s about having some fun and enjoying the gift of life that so many of us take for granted.  We’re very fortunate to live in a country where we have a roof over our head and plenty of food. So let’s celebrate and enjoy these gifts while making it possible for those in need to one day soon enjoy some of the same privileges!


Kids Against Hunger Canada is a registered Canadian charity, that packages and ships highly nutritious, life-saving meals to starving and malnourished people within Canada and developing countries around the world.

Kids Against Hunger Canada keeps 1/3 of the food local, here in Canada (they provide for food banks, shelters, reserves in the northern part of Canada, the Salvation Army, etc.) and the other 2/3 of the food gets shipped abroad to underdeveloped countries.

Since Kids Against Hunger started in 1999, they have shipped food to more than 60 countries.

Kids Against Hunger Canada Website: www.kahcanada.org

To donate directly to Kids Against Hunger Canada: www.kahcanada.org/donate


During the creation of Kids Against Hunger, Founder Richard Proudfit met with several food industry executives in the U.S. and asked the simple question, “What would be the ideal food for starving children?” Their food scientists began testing various formulations of a highly nutritious dehydrated food package.

Richard tells the story of testing one of the early formulations of the food with Indian children who lived on the Calcutta city dump (not near, but on the dump). The children had trouble keeping the food down because it was too rich for their starved bodies.

From this experience and others, the formulation of the meal ingredients was refined so that it provides a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed by an undernourished child’s body. It took nearly three years to develop the food, which is not only tasty and nutritious, but is vegan/vegetarian and accommodates and respects the broad range of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world.


It's quite simple to prepare, requiring only 6 cups of boiling water per food pack. Each bag contains six servings of the dehydrated food which, when boiled with water, serves six people and provides all the vitamins and minerals they need for a day.

The food is made up of long-grain white rice, fortified soy, a blend of 6 dehydrated vegetables and 21 vitamins & minerals which is the proprietary formula & ‘secret sauce’

It is packaged in three-ply bags for strength and are made of moisture-proof and odor-proof material to prevent spoilage and insect or rodent problems. It is safe, easily stored, and easily transported - has a shelf life of more than three years.


Our apparel is made using some of the softest and sustainable fabrics in the world; this results in the most comfortable clothing that you'll ever wear. We use unique blends of fabric to ensure quality and comfort with every garment we produce.

It is very important to us to have our clothing made ethically where workers are paid fairly and treated with respect. While there is a general belief in the industry that all clothing manufactured overseas is unethical and irresponsible, we do believe that all clothing companies have the ability to change that by only working with factories that are both ethical and environmentally responsible.

All of our clothing is manufactured in factories that are WRAP approved - this means they are audited regularly (unannounced) to ensure they commit to fair hours of work, have no child labour in their factories, provide their employees fair compensation based on the local labour laws and commit to a healthy and safe workplace.   

Educating people about making ethical choices and avoiding the “Fast Fashion” world is a big part of our vision. Instead of looking solely at price and style, we want them to look deeper into it: Is it made ethnically? What fabrics are being used? What are the values of the company that created the clothing? 

We want our customers to know that they are not only helping feed people in need around the globe with each purchase of Tenfed apparel, but they are also supporting responsible manufacturing practices.