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What is Tenfed?

Tenfed is a clothing company based in Toronto that offers unique, yet meaningful, everyday apparel. Tenfed launched in August 2015 with a mission to provide as many meals as possible to people in need. For every Tenfed item that is sold, TEN meals are provided to people suffering from food insecurity in Canada and around the globe.

Tenfed is more than just a clothing brand - it’s about having meaning and purpose behind what you choose to wear. It’s about having style while changing the world at the same time. When you wear Tenfed, not only will you look great and feel comfortable, but you’re also making a statement that you’re part of the solution. It's a purchase that feels good.

So far to date, we've been able to help provide over 370,000 meals to people in need around the world, including locally here in Canada.  

Where can I see a size chart for clothing?

Sizing charts can be found on each product page, under the sizes available. We recommend you take a look at the charts for each item before purchasing any clothing items, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Do your T-shirts shrink?

Let’s face it: shrinkage happens. To minimize it, our T-shirts have been pre-shrunk. If washed hot and dried on high, they may shrink further. We recommend washing your Tenfed T-shirts in cold water and lay flat to dry. If you need to toss your clothes in the dryer, make sure it’s on low heat for best results.

How does your apparel fit?

Our tees, tanks and hoodies have a standard fit.  They are pre-shrunk but they will shrink a bit more if you put them in the dryer on high heat.  Trust us—they look awesome, and we promise they will be one of the nicest shirts you have ever worn. 

What is your apparel made from?

Our apparel is made using some of the softest and sustainable fabrics in the world; this results in the most comfortable clothing that you'll ever wear. We use unique blends of cotton and polyester to ensure quality and comfort with every garment we produce.

Where are your products made and printed?

It is very important to us to have our clothing made ethically where workers are paid fairly and treated with respect. While there is a general belief in the industry that all clothing manufactured overseas is unethical and irresponsible, we do believe that all clothing companies have the ability to change that by only working with factories that are both ethical and environmentally responsible.  All of our clothing is manufactured in factories that are WRAP approved - this means they are audited regularly (unannounced) to ensure they commit to fair hours of work, have no child labour in their factories, provide their employees fair compensation based on the local labour laws and commit to a healthy and safe workplace.  

Our 8 oz. artisanal soy wax candles are hand poured in Collingwood. Our fragrance oils are created to be paraben, phosphate, and phthalate free, and contain no harmful ingredients linked to allergy-like symptoms. 

  • 50-60 hours of burn time
  • All natural (made of pure soy wax)
  • Biodegradable
  • Meet FDA standards
  • Kosher certified
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contain no animal products, synthetic fragrances, palm wax, petroleum,  paraffin, pesticides or herbicides 

We carefully source all our wax from companies that are committed to meeting the highest of standards.

Is your website secure?

We ourselves love buying stuff online, so we wanted to ensure we provide our customers with peace of mind for online purchasing. In brief: any private data exchange happens over SSL secured communication channels and is encrypted with digital signatures, in compliance with PCI vulnerability standards. For more tech talk, 
view our Privacy Policy here and put all your worries to rest.

How long will my shipment take?

Shipping times vary depending on where you’re located. You can expect a Canadian or USA shipment to arrive within 4-10 days. 

Can I exchange my clothing item for another size?

We guarantee our shirts 100%. If you are not satisfied with your T-shirt, let us know why. It may not fit properly, or in some rare cases it may be a defect. Just send it back to us within 30 days of receiving it and we will send you a new one with the same design. Or you can pick one of our other designs at the same price.