Mike Wallis - Tenfed Co-Founder

Mike is as down to earth as they get. He's always had a passion for giving back and helping others. Entrepreneurialism runs deep in his blood, and at the age of 11 Mike was running and managing a canteen by himself at a local flea market.

After spending over a decade in the financial industry, Mike’s intuition was screaming at him - he needed more, he needed a vocation that was fulfilling, he needed to give back. At a Tony Robbins event Mike attended with his friend and Tenfed Co-Founder Kory, Mike had that "ah-ha moment", and decided to leave everything he knew behind to create Tenfed.

Here are a few things about Mike that make him special:

  • Entrepreneurship has led Mike down a path of spiritual healing - he has spent years exploring meditation and practicing mindfulness & awareness. He recently just became a breathwork facilitator and has been helping guide others to find that deeper connection within themselves.

  • Mike is a self-proclaimed sports nerd. From the time he learned how to walk he was obsessed with all things sports. Growing up he played hockey, baseball, tennis and golf. He can take anyone on when it comes to remembering sports facts, so if you’re going to a sports trivia night with this guy, beware!
  • Mike may have been a dog in a past life. Mike thinks of dogs as kindred souls and admires how they live in the moment and spread so much love to everyone they meet.
  • Back in 2005, Mike left the country on a one-way ticket to travel the world - he backpacked Europe, lived in a camper van along the east coast of Australia for three months, jumped out of an airplane in New Zealand, and danced on the beach at a full-moon party in Thailand - truly a life changing trip.
  • One of the highlights of Mike's life (so far) was going to LA see his favourite hockey team the LA Kings win the Stanley cup in 2014. For those of you who know about hockey this is a HUGE deal
  • Mike attributes much of his success to saying yes to almost anything when starting a new project. Being able to get out of his comfort zone and figuring things out as the process unfolds is something that Mike really values.
  • In his spare time, you can find Mike enjoying long hikes out in nature, meditating, spending time at the cottage, golfing, fishing, and soaking in the sunshine.
  • If you know Mike, you know he’s a super passionate guy who's committed to giving 100% to everything he’s involved in. He’s one of the reasons why Tenfed is able to give back to our community.

    Kory McLaughlin - Tenfed Co-Founder

    Kory might be the biggest empath you’ll ever meet. Kory daydreams of creating a real impact and spreading joy and happiness to everyone he meets. For those of you who know him well, you know that relationships are one of the things that are most important to him.

    In his life before Tenfed, Kory ran a successful landscaping business, but there was always something that told Kory this wasn’t his path. It was on a trip to Iceland when he was sitting beside a raging waterfall that he realized, although it was terrifying, he had to sell his company and devote his life to giving back. It was at that moment that one of the sparks of Tenfed was born!

    Here are a few things that make Kory special: 

  • When Kory was a kid, he would talk to everyone and anyone, and this is a characteristic that he still carries today. Kory attributes his success to taking risks and feeling uncertain - doing things that push him out of his comfort zone. 
  • Kory recently became a breathwork facilitator and feels very grateful to be able to lead people down a path of spiritual healing.
  • Kory loves music and he started playing the guitar at the age of 10. Some of his favourite musicians include: Bob Dylan, Damien Rice and Rodriguez.
  • Kory loves being close to water, and he enjoys hiking and golf
  • Kory dreams of travelling the world and engaging people from different regions in deep conversation
  • Kory loves all animals because they are the purest and most authentic beings on the planet. Animals always let you know where you stand, and they aren’t afraid to show love. If he could, Kory would become Jane Godall and spend a few years living with a community of gorillas in the jungle.
  • Kory loves the show “How I Met Your Mother” because it's funny, but he really loves the show because it's about a group of close, connected friends who support each other through the good and bad times in life. 
  • Kory attributes his success to taking risks and feeling uncertain - doing things that push him out of his comfort zone. 
  • If you know Kory, you know that he's extremely caring and he dreams big! Nothing is out of reach for Kory. He’s one of the reasons why Tenfed is able to give back to our community.