Whether you’re looking to gift potential clients, thank existing ones, or tell your employees they’re doing a great job, Tenfed has you covered!
With our vision on corporate partnerships, we're allowing business to easily integrate our solution of providing meals to children in need all across the world.

Your company can customize any or ALL of these in collaboration with Tenfed.
In doing so, your clients or employees will have a beautiful item all while doing some good for humanity!

To learn more, please fill out the information below and our Corporate Gifting team will be in touch.

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We also offer discounts on bulk orders!
Whether you're buying Tenfed for your family, your office, or your friends, our products make great gifts.
Bulk discounts are available for orders of more than 10+ items (totalling than $500+). Use the discount code below and get 20% off!
Reach out to us for more details: Contact Us